beograd gazela
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The Book

beograd gazela

Beograd Gazela: Travel Guide to a Slum takes us into a blank area in the middle of Europe –in a Roma slum in the center of Belgrade. How does one live without a city infrastructure, without water, without electricity? How do the inhabitants organize themselves and what kind of jobs do they have? What is their situation in regard to health care or the cultivation of their cultural life?

The travel guide directs our attention to a place which is paradigmatic for the recent history of Roma in Southeastern Europe. It provides essential information about the social and economic structures of a slum, about the inhabitants and their daily lives and exposes the complex mechanisms of marginalization and discrimination against Roma.


beograd gazela

Lorenz Aggermann, Eduard Freudmann,
Can Gülcü
Beograd Gazela
Reiseführer in eine Elendssiedlung
Pbk. 224 pages
Price: EURO 19.80; CHF 35.90
DRAVA 2008. ISBN: 978-3-85435-533-5